Meet the Captains: Prateet Shah, Cross Country

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Photo of Prateet Shah at the 2014 cross country banquet. (Submitted by Colin McKenzie)

by Colin McKenzie

As a fall and spring captain, Prateet Shah is ready to lead and be a role model to his teammates this year. As fall sports begin, Prateet is ready to help build a strong team of runners and drive them towards success in order to have a great season.

Prateet is on his ninth season of running in high school as he started during the winter of his freshman year. Prateet fell in love with the sport after succeeding greatly the past few years and being a key member of the team.

Prateet not only enjoys competing in meets, he also loves and follows professional cross country and track. Prateet said, “I just enjoy the sport a lot, and I enjoy staying up to date on it and love to watch it when it is rarely broadcasted on television.” In addition to professional track, Prateet also loves to watch football, specifically the Patriots and Tom Brady.

Some of Prateet’s favorite television shows are “How I Met Your Mother,” “The Office” and “Friends.” Prateet explained, “I love Joey from Friends. He is always making me laugh, keeping the show hilarious.”

When Prateet isn’t running or keeping up with academics, his favorite hobbies are football, Frisbee and basketball. Prateet also likes spending time outdoors and enjoys summer the most out of all the seasons.

Another interesting fact about Prateet is that he is a vegetarian. He has a wide variety of favorite meals including veggie subs from Subway and bean burritos from Chipotle.

Despite the fact that Prateet is a devoted athlete, it is clear that school is his priority. He is currently ranked second in the senior class and hopes to stay in the top 10 through senior year. He is enrolled in multiple AP courses this year, and enjoys history the most in school. As for college, Prateet has visited many and is planning on going to a four-year school for business.

As senior year starts, Prateet looks forward to the rest of it finishing up his high school career at NAHS. He hopes to be able to maintain good academics, health, and maintain his good leadership skills in his senior year in order to make it the most memorable year yet.