NAHS Student Profile: Joshua Corneo

Photo of Joshua Corneo and his girlfriend Nicole Davidson. (Submitted by Nicole Davidson)

By William Libertine 

Sixteen-year-old sophomore Joshua Corneo stands out as a hardworking student capable of managing multiple responsibilities while excelling academically.

Josh has achieved mostly A’s throughout his high school years, and has made the honor roll consistently. He is currently enrolled in a mix of academic and arts classes, such as Chemistry, Sophomore English, Chinese and Geometry for academics, and Basic Video, Anime Club and Basic Programming for arts. Corneo rarely falls behind, but when he does, he is always able to catch up and excel.

When he’s not studying or completing homework, Corneo spends his free time playing the guitar or biking around town. He participates in the Anime Club and occasionally does volunteer work for local organizations.

When asked, Corneo explained that he enjoys every minute of the Anime Club because he gets to be around many close friends. He credits the club’s president, Rebecca DeVincent, with introducing him to the club.

DeVincent commented on Corneo’s performance, saying, “He’s a well spirited individual, and contributes humor to the group, getting along with everyone.”

When asked if Corneo would prefer attending college in the future or plans to head off into the work industry, he explained that he would like to attend a four-year college. Although, being only a sophomore, he hasn’t completely decided on where he would like to attend.

Corneo stated that he prefers academics over arts and organizations. When asked why, he explained, “I’m more of a systematic mind (that is) focused more on learning things before creating them.”