National News: What You Missed

by Joey Cook

Monday 9/21 – For all you politics people, did you hear about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker dropping out of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Race? Well he did, and he cites dwindling campaign donations as the reason. This is especially shocking news because Walker topped out in the polls earlier this year, until Donald Trump came in and took over the race. For the full story, click here.

Tuesday 9/22 – Bella Bond, “Baby Doe”, who had an unconfirmed identity since being found dead in Boston three months ago, has finally been identified. Her mother and mother’s boyfriend have been arrested in connection with her death. Her mother’s boyfriend is being held without bail while her mother’s bail is set at $1M. Read more here

Wednesday 9/23 – One of baseball’s greatest players ever, Yogi Berra, passed away of natural causes at the age of 90. He was most known for his 17 years as a Yankee, a 13-time World Series Champion and a 15-time All Star. Berra will be missed all around the MLB community. Read more here.

Thursday 9/24 – A U.S. drug company was getting criticized by the press after raising a drug used by AIDS and cancer patients by over 5,000 percent. The cost of the drug went from $13.50 to $750.00. Martin Shkreli, the man who raised the price, said he would drop the price, but not by how much. Read more here.

Friday 9/25 – A large tour vehicle crashed into a bus in Seattle, leaving four dead. The four who died were foreign students from North Seattle College. There also were many critically injured along with two smaller vehicles involved in the crash. To read more, click here

Saturday 9/26 – Anyone listen to Chris Brown? He is set to have a concert in Australia but may not be able to perform. The concert is set to take place in December but Brown has been told he is most likely not going to receive a visa to perform, largely due to his domestic violence record. If he wants to appeal this he has 28 days to do so. If you would like to read the full story, click here

Sunday 9/27 – A supermoon coexisted with a lunar eclipse on Sunday night. A supermoon is when the moon is closest to the earth during its orbit, making it look larger in the sky. A lunar eclipse is when the moon appears darkened while it passes into the earth’s shadow. Both of these happening at the same time is very rare, as it has not been seen together since 1982 and next time it will happen will be in 2033.  To see the full story, click here

Monday 9/28 – A former jail worker will get up to 7 years jail time for helping Richard Matt and David Sweat escape prison. Joyce Mitchell provided Matt and Sweat with tools that allowed them to break free from their prison cell. Matt and Sweat’s escape on June 6th resulted in a three week manhunt across New York and Vermont. To follow this story, click here

Tuesday 9/29 – MTV extreme sports star, Erik Roner, dies after hitting a tree. Roner was performing at an opening ceremony at a golf event after crashing into a tree while skydiving. Sheriff’s attempted to reach Roner but they couldn’t due to how high up he was. Roner was best known for his acting in MTV’s Nitro Circus. To read more, click here

Wednesday 9/30 – The entire east coast is awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Joaquin. The question is: will it hit the east coast, or go further out to sea? Joaquin grew from a tropical storm Wednesday morning, with winds at a high 75 mph, and as of Friday was a Category 4. To read more and “track the storm” you can click here

Thursday 9/31 – Man on the run for more than 24 years is finally captured. Paul Jackson, 45, was wanted on kidnapping and torturing two women in Oregon. He was finally arrested in Mexico at a hotel where he has been living and working from. His brother was also arrested for helping Jackson kidnap the two women. To read more, click here