New Teacher Interview: Ms. Neves

by Patrick Silvia

This year, students at NAHS might have noticed a new, yet familiar, face walking down the halls.

Photo of Ms. Neves. (Submitted by Ms. Neves)

In her eighth year of teaching in North Attleboro, Ms. Neves has moved from teaching sixth grade English on Team Sixth Dimension to teaching high school English at NAHS.

The 29-year-old Cumberland RI native attended the University of Rhode Island for her undergraduate degree and is finishing up her master’s thesis at Harvard University.

“URI was wonderful. There were knowledgeable professors who had deep passions for what they were teaching,” said Neves. “Harvard gave me a great opportunity to deepen my understanding of content. I learned more about the evolution of the education system.”

When asked about why she wanted to become an English teacher, Ms. Neves explained, “Some of my favorite people in high school were english teachers and helped me at a difficult time.” She continued, “English helps students navigate the world and teachers play an important part in that too. My goal as a teacher is to make every student feel like they have someone who cares about them.”

Ms. Neves also stated that she likes working in North Attleboro “because the kids work hard and are kind.”

An interesting fact about Ms. Neves is that she has double jointed ankles. “My ankles flex kind of abnormally,” said Neves. “Besides giving me a better kick in swim, it’s not helpful at all.”

Ms. Neves’ hobbies include swimming, which dates back to her days on the high school swim team, playing with her huskies, and her recently-adopted hobby, yoga.