Meet the Theatre E-Board

by Carolyn Wallace

Olivia Pettengill (President)

Senior Olivia Pettengill is not only the president of the Theatre Company, but is the head of the publicity crew as well. She started theatre when she was 6 or 7 years old, and plans to continue to do theatrical productions in college, but not as a major. She explained, “I’m looking forward to a fresh start.” Olivia’s favorite memory from the NAHSTC is doing improvisational exercises, and being the co-head of the Improv Troupe. She loves showing people how to test their limits, and she loves that “our company is a place where you are applauded for being yourself.”

Merry Johnson (Vice President)

Meredith Johnson is a two-time member of the E-Board, serving this year as the Vice President. Johnson, also a senior, is the head of the costumes crew and has been an active member of several different crews throughout her high school career. She started theatre seven years ago, and plans on majoring in theatre and acting in college. Although her favorite show she’s ever done is “You Can’t Take It With You,” where she starred as Alice Sycamore, Johnson recalls her favorite memory from a different show: “I remember right after we finished the first night of “Noises Off,” and everyone was just hugging and so happy backstage.” Meredith is also the President of Art Club and an editor of Galadriel.

Lyndsey Burtch (Secretary)

Senior Lyndsey Burtch, the secretary of the E-Board and the head of the props department, started her theatrical career in 8th grade. “I fell in love with being onstage and have continued until now,” she said. Lyndsey plans on keeping theatre a big part of her life in college, and she probably will be a part of her school’s theatrical productions. She recalls her favorite memory as “just hanging out backstage before and during both productions of ‘Noises Off,’” and she will make many more valuable memories during her senior year.

Abigail Rodriguez (Treasurer)

Abi Rodriguez started theatre her freshman year. In fact, one of her many favorite memories is playing a crazy nurse in the One Act play Festival during the winter of her freshman year. She is the head of set construction along with being the treasurer of the E-Board. Abi plans on minoring in dramatic and/or musical theatre, and her favorite show of all time is “Ragtime.” “What keeps me coming back to theatre is definitely the friends I’ve made, the backstage work, and all of the quality time,” says Rodriguez.

Katie Irey (Trustee)

Senior Katie Irey, a 1st year E-Board member, is the head of the makeup crew for the theatre company. She has been doing theatre on-and-off since 6th grade: “I always wanted to do theatre, but I was painfully terrified of auditions. By making myself audition multiple times, I got over my fear.” Irey plans on pursuing acting in college, and is looking at BYU. She has made an infinite amount of memories, but one that stands out to her was after a lighting meeting, when a parent of another theatre member brought in pizza for the lighting members. “It was a great bonding moment,” she explained.

Nicole Boulanger (Trustee)

Senior Nicole Boulanger is a trustee of the E-board for the second year in a row. Since 7th grade, Boulanger has devoted her time to theatrical productions, along with doing track. In college, “I plan on doing theatre more as a hobby,” she says. Nicole is the head of the tickets crew. Her favorite memory throughout her past several years in the theatre company, is flipping over a couch during the production of “Noises Off” (twice!). This show was a great memory to her, and her favorite show she’s ever seen is “The Book of Mormon.”

Michaela Goodman (Scribe)

Michaela Goodman is also a senior, and is the scribe for the second year in a row. The scribe is in charge of keeping track of hours for the International Thespian Society, a society which Michaela is a part of herself. She loves to light the shows, and even played in the orchestra pit in “Kiss Me Kate,” and is the chief of the lighting department. Her dedication to the NAHSTC does not go unnoticed, and the shows would be pitch black if it weren’t for her work in the lighting booth!