The First Launch’s Second Launch

by Andrew Read

Students in Mrs. Violette’s Journalism II class are excited to be working on the school newspaper. The First Launch is set to be a bi-weekly publication consisting of articles across multiple categories.

While the name is consistent with past years, the students of Journalism II have made changes in an effort to improve the overall quality of the newspaper. Perhaps the most noticeable change is the move from print to digital format.

When asked about the change, Mrs. Violette replied, “Moving to an online format is a cost-effective platform that has the potential to draw and engage more readers. We will ultimately be using fewer resources while putting out a product that is modern and visually appealing. To put it simply, it’s cheap and it looks pretty.”

Another change that goes hand-in-hand with the move to the web is that The First Launch is now going to be free to anyone who wants to view it. Previously, the cost was 25 cents per publication.

The First Launch is also going to be published much more frequently, with a planned publication every two weeks, as opposed to the previous three to four editions per semester.

Lastly, The First Launch is hoping to be much more interactive with the student body, with the introduction of live polls. The goal is that the polls will give a voice to the general population of the student body in an organized way.

There are many changes and improvements in motion, both large and small, as the Journalism II class strives to make this semester’s newspaper the best one yet.