Teacher Tales: An Interview with Ms. Mullaugh

by Andrew Read

“Teacher Tales” will be a regular feature in The First Launch. We are looking to spotlight a wide variety of teachers, and hope to give them the platform to share their stories about teaching, or stories about themselves that students haven’t heard. If you have a suggested teacher to feature, email kviolette@naschools.net with the subject “Teacher Tales.” Or, tweet @NAFirstLaunch #TeacherTales. 

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Ms. Mullaugh’s Tale:

My brother’s ex-girlfriend has a brother who is engaged to Channing Tatum’s sister, so I have a very weird connection to Channing Tatum. I’ll never meet him. I wish I could but I never will. For Christmas one year my brother didn’t know what to get me, so he got me a periodic table signed by Channing Tatum. It was the year that “21 Jump Street” came out, where he takes AP Chemistry, and he’s obviously no good at it. So he signed it, and he put a quote from the movie on it. It says, ‘We’re all covalent bonds’ which means nothing if you know anything about Chemistry. But he signed it, I laminated it, and now it’s sitting in my room. It’s probably the most valuable thing I own.