Meet The Captains: Bryan Harris, Golf

Photo of Bryan Harris. (Submitted by Bryan Harris)

By Colin McKenzie

As golf captain and senior at NAHS, Bryan Harris wants to make this last season his best while driving his teammates towards success. Bryan hopes to break his personal records as well as establish himself as a role model to his teammates.

Bryan started playing golf at the age of 8 and has been playing on the NAHS Golf Team since his freshman year. Bryan’s goals for the year are to be a great teammate and to break his all-time low score of 36 on a nine-hole course.

Bryan loves to golf both for competition and for his own enjoyment. In his free time, he likes to watch some of the major golf tournaments on TV. Bryan enjoys following the tournaments and loves hearing his favorite golf quote, “Get in the hole!”

In addition to playing golf, Bryan enjoys following local sports teams like the Patriots and Bruins. When asked about his favorite TV shows, he listed both “The Blacklist” and “America’s Got Talent,” saying that they are “great shows” that he “highly recommends (to) anyone.”

During the spring and summer, Bryan mainly plays baseball and golf, but in the winter he also enjoys skiing and snowboarding.

Most weekends in the winter, Bryan goes up to his ski house in Bartlett, NH where he skis and snowboards at Attitash Mountain. Bryan learned how to shred both ways: “I started skiing first then learned snowboarding.” When asked which one he prefers, he insisted that “they’re both pretty equal; I don’t have a preference between the two.”

In addition to his athletic interests, Bryan also has a job at the Wrentham Outlets flipping burgers in the food court. He also enjoys all types of snacks but his favorite snack is salt and vinegar chips.

As Brian nears the end of his career at NAHS, he is looking toward the future. Bryan has already toured many colleges such as the University of Rhode Island, College of Charleston, Highpoint University and NC State Raleigh. Bryan plans on going to either Highpoint University or NC State Raleigh. Bryan would like to get his bachelor’s degree in mathematics, and then move on to law school.

As senior year is well underway, Bryan hopes to keep his academics up. He plans to succeed greatly this golf season as a leader and hopes to come up big this season with his teammates.

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