Meet The Captains: Pat Silvia, Golf

Photo of Pat Silvia. (Submitted by Isabelle Renzi)

By Colin McKenzie

As a fall golf captain here at NAHS, Pat Silvia is ready to have a remarkable season with his team. Pat is hoping to build a strong team of golfers to do well this season, making it as memorable as possible.

Pat is on his third season of playing golf at NAHS. Freshman year, Pat played for Tri-County’s varsity golf team and then transferred to NAHS where he has played since sophomore year. Pat has had a successful career at North and hopes to continue his role as a key member of the team throughout his senior year.

Pat has high hopes for his record this season. “It would be awesome to break my all-time low score of 38 on a nine hole course. I’ve been preparing all summer for this season and hope to do well.”

Pat enjoys to play golf but doesn’t follow it professionally:  “I prefer to play golf because watching it just puts me to sleep,” he said. Although Pat doesn’t follow professional golf, he claims that other professional sports are a huge part of his life. He is always reading up on the latest news from the Bruins, Patriots and Celtics.

On top of being a good student athlete, Pat also works at the YMCA after school. Pat is in a group leader,  taking  care of students in grades K-5 to help them improve academically and socially.

In addition to working at the YMCA, playing golf and following professional sports, Pat also likes to play video games and watch TV. Pat enjoys watching “South Park”, “Big Brother” and “The Walking Dead.” Pat is a huge fan of “The Walking Dead,” explaining that he likes it because “it’s very intense. It is a different universe and a very intriguing storyline about survival.”

As Pat looks forward to the future, He plans on going to a four-year college for elementary education. Pat also plans to go back and get his master’s degree after graduating. He has toured many schools such as Bridgewater State University, Salem State University and UMASS Amherst but is still making a final decision on where he wants to attend.

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