Senior Spotlight: Fahd Salem

FullSizeRender (8)by Isabelle Renzi

Senior Fahd Salem is member of the football team, specializing as an offensive and defensive tackle. While senior Fahd Salem seems like an average student at NAHS, he spent his summer doing something very interesting.

This past summer, Fahd was overseas visiting family in Lebanon. Fahd is a first-generation American whose parents came to America when they were only 16 years old. Salem said, “I think it is very cool that my parents came over to America at a younger age than I am now. It must have been pretty scary.”

Because of his trip to Lebanon, Fahd was unable to devote all of his time to training for the upcoming football season. When asked about his trip overseas conflicting with summer football, Fahd said, “I am sad I did not get to go to all of the captain’s practices, but visiting my family was really fun.” Fahd’s favorite part of the summer is usually attending football captain’s practices because he loves hanging out with his team.

Senior year has been Fahd’s favorite so far because of all of the special activities. Despite taking challenging math and history courses this year, he is looking forward to the homecoming rally, dance and senior prom.

Fast Facts about Fahd:

Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Sport: Football
Job: Works at his father’s store
Plans for After High School: Take over ownership of his father’s store
What is your favorite part about school? I like history class and being with my friends from the football team.


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