Teacher Tales: Mr. Mulkerrins

Sean Mulkerrins
Mr. Mulkerrins (Photo by Chestnut Hill)

by Andrew Read

Mr. Mulkerrins has been teaching at NAHS for 12 years. He teaches US History I and US History II, in addition to coaching boy’s basketball and tennis. When asked if he had a story he would like to share, he thought about it for a few days, then decided to tell the story of how he met his wife.

“When I was in college I went to a Halloween party in Boston at a friend’s house. I was dressed as a costume that I cannot reveal, for fear of losing my job. When I was there I saw a very pretty girl, dressed as a 1920’s flapper. She had short hair, dark lipstick, the whole costume. And being a history person, I was intrigued by someone who would know what a 1920’s flapper was. So we met, we talked, but she had a boyfriend.

“A number of years later, I wasMr. Mulkerrins Teacher Tales on a guys’ trip to see the Red Sox play the Baltimore Orioles in Baltimore. And just by chance that same girl, who was now single, was at Camden Yards in Baltimore. We exchanged phone numbers, and she’s now my wife.”



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