The Music Council

by Meagan Pastore

The Music Council plays a significant role in the North Attleboro High School music department. The council is made up of 11 students from the music department. They are: Amrita Adak, Tim Allen, Nicole Christopher, Maura Driscoll, Will Hope, Casey Magas, Nicole Majewski, Brooke Milosh, Olivia Pettengill, Zach Stockwell and Olivia Vicente. These 11 students are the “face of North music!” declared Zach Stockwell.

To detail the role of the Music Council, drummer Will Hope explained, “We organize events to help unite the music department.”

To raise revenue the department, the students undertake many different fundraisers. One of their most notable fundraisers is their annual poinsettia sale, which is set to begin soon.

The Friends of Music booster club is a liaison between parents and students who work on planning the fundraisers. Music Council members serve as representatives in the Friends of Music meetings.

The Music Council proudly strives to “work to improve the department by helping to connect Mr. Couture, our chorus and choir director to the students”, stated Brooke Milosh.  

It’s evident these students love music and the department or they would not put in the effort they do.

To see their hard work and talent, anyone can catch them at the Coffee House at Old Town Church next Friday October 30th, or attend the department’s winter concert on December 10th at 7 pm.  


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