Android vs Apple

by Colin McKenzie

Many people throughout the world use both Android and Apple products to communicate, text, and keep up to date with information. There is a great divide, however, between Android and Apple users, not to mention a competition within the market between these two companies. Android and Apple users typically become fiercely loyal to their brand, and can rattle off a list of positives for their favored brand.

It is clear that most of the population  at NAHS walks around school with their heads down staring at their different versions of Apple iPhones. Many people claim that iPhones are easy to use, and that it’s much easier to learn everything about the iPhone than a more complex Android. Student Matthew Reimels said, “I prefer an iPhone over any Android. The Apple phones are user friendly and much more easy to use rather than the complex Android phones.” When asked his thoughts on the competition between the two companies, Reimels explained, “I like how these companies battle with phones, because it results in more quality phones being produced each year.”

Despite the overwhelming popularity of Apple products, some students at NAHS are strong proponents of Android products. Seniors Dan Adler and Zach Shelton have strong views on Android cell phones and believe they are much more superior to Apple phones. Shelton said, “Apple phones are nothing compared to Android! All of their devices are become obsolete after a few years. They are also too expensive for how much they are really worth.”

Adler agrees, explaining, “Android phones are great, because of the fact that a lot of their programs are open source. This means that I can practice programing and learn a lot.”

Both cell phone companies have their pros and cons, and this ongoing battle will keep growing due to the extreme demand for cell phones nowadays. The result of this competition only results in more user friendly and complex devices being made.

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