Halloweens to Remember

By: Carolyn Wallace

Many different students and teachers at NAHS have many different stories about their favorite Halloween memories. From their best costumes to their favorite trick-or-treating tales, people of NAHS have made their past Halloweens unforgettable.

Lauren Ruddy- “My mom makes clothes for American Girl Dolls and pets and she sells the products at craft fairs and such. One year she made me this great Hello Kitty costume and I thought it was the most amazing costume ever!”

Mrs. Violette- “I was a witch every year. Every year! About 10 minutes before we would go trick-or-treating, my dad would paint my face green and I would just throw on whatever black I could find. I didn’t really like to put in the effort.”

Alex Rinaldi- “A few years ago, my friends and I were going around to all of the bigger neighborhoods in the area. Some guy asked us how much candy we wanted when we got to the bowl at his house and we just said ‘All of it!’ kind of jokingly. But he actually went inside and grabbed a huge bag of Whoppers and handed it to us! It was like unlimited candy! God Bless that man.”

Nick Dirschel- “Funny story, actually. I dressed as my dad for Coffee House last year. I thought I nailed it, and I think I made him proud.”

Andrew Lamoureux- “My sister Ashley and I have twinned for Halloween pretty much every year. We’ve been literally everything like Lilo and Stitch, a Greek god/ goddess, ketchup and mustard, crayons, and babysitters!”

Katie Irey- “My grandfather’s favorite holiday is Halloween for sure. We would go to cemeteries and have hayrides and stuff. When I was little, all of the big kids in the family would take us trick-or-treating and get candy themselves. There’s never an age limit on Halloween I guess!”

Emma DesRoches– “I was the Statue of Liberty. I think I was in 2nd grade. It was really fun and I remember walking around all night like Lady Liberty!”

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