The Seniors of Girls’ Soccer

By: Carolyn Wallace

It is safe to say that most to all girls in North Attleboro played Park and Rec soccer when they were in elementary school for at least a year. Now, a decade later, 12 girls from the senior class still play the most popular sport in the world.

    Over the four years of high school, the number of girls playing soccer from the class of 2016 has decreased, leaving only the “best of the best” on the field and sidelines.

    The twelve seniors, led by captains Allie Grinavic and Grace Guertin, are ending their high school soccer careers on a high note- they have a winning record, and won the first game in the tournament.

“Allie and Grace are excellent captains, and we couldn’t have done so well this season without them,” said senior Lauren Marchetti. “Just the little things like planning dress-up days and putting quotes on our lockers for game days really create a family-like environment.”

Shannon Kingsley, another senior member of the soccer team added her thoughts on the season and their success. “Having played soccer for four years in high school, I think it has just been a really memorable season so far. You get so close to your teammates over the years. We are all feeling really good about this season!”

    As the season comes toward the end, these 12 girls can reflect on their soccer careers at NAHS as a major success. Senior Gabby Vesona says, “I know not all of us are playing soccer in college, like Hana (Caster) is going to play lacrosse for UMass Lowell, but we all love the game so much. I know that I will keep soccer in my life any way I can!”

    With the season coming to an end, and graduation in the near future, the senior girls are all cherishing the last few times they will be putting on their red and white North Jerseys.

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