Applying to College

by Meagan Pastore

Being a senior and having experience in the college process, I’ve learned how daunting it may be. When it comes to applying, DO NOT wait. You could start by writing the essay and resume during the summer while there is no other school work to handle on top of everything. Also, touring the schools you are interested in during the summer can benefit. This will allow you to learn which schools you could see yourself attending which will make the decision of what schools to apply to much easier.

Being accepted to several schools can make the decision difficult, but not applying to enough schools could turn out even worse. Julia Nelson, freshman at Dean College explained that “my boyfriend only applied to one school that he knew he loved but sadly did not get in. It was too late for him to apply anywhere else.” By applying to multiple schools that you could see yourself attending, your options are wide open.

North Attleboro High School graduate Tommy Cook, now a freshman at Lyndon State, explained, “Apply to a school that may be challenging to get into, otherwise known as a reach school.” He went on to state as well as a reach school, make sure you apply to a few colleges you believe you can get into and that appeal to you. You should definitely apply to a backup school that you are sure you would get into and could attend just in case you find yourself in a lousy situation.

Senior at North Attleboro High School Michaela DeMattio stated that everyone should apply early action. She learned this from talking to admissions counselors from different colleges. DeMattio said that “the admissions counselors informed me that you cannot get denied to a school when applying early action.” She went on to say that in December you will either receive a letter congratulating you for your acceptance or a letter telling you that you’ve been deferred. If deferred,they will look at your resume again once the college receives the regular applications. You get double the chance of getting in if you apply early action.
When it comes down to it, one of the most important things in leading up to college application time is to try your hardest. Linda Kelly, professor at Bridgewater State University stated “students should really strive to get good grades throughout high school. Colleges are getting harder to get into and we want as many students as we can furthering their education after high school.” If the time to apply to colleges is in the near future for you, plan well, save money, and do your best in your current tasks at hand!

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