Student Profile: Matthew Warsofsky

by William Libertine

Photo of Matthew Warsofsky (by William Libertine)

For many, entering a new school as a freshman can be intimidating, but for 15-year-old Matthew Warsofsky, the transition is seamless as he pushes forward and gets involved in school activities.  

Academically, Warsofsky is currently taking eight classes in addition to his football and wrestling career. Matt does not just show up for class, but he excels in all of them. Overall he holds a strong 90 or above average in numerous subjects, including Spanish II, Algebra II level 1, Freshman English, Biology I, Art and Design I, World History I and P.E.

Warsofsky’s favorite class is Art and Design I because he attends it with many of his friends, which allows him to be able to have a great time and work his creativity into his art projects. Upon being asked what types of classes he would prefer to take, Warsofsky says he would much prefer to take electives where you can be hands-on and engaged rather than listening to lectures.

Warsofsky leads a busy yet interesting life outside of school, too. He will usually volunteer for whatever odd job is locally available, such as the concession stand at North football games. Being only 15, he still occasionally goes to work with his father at The Boston Globe and helps out. When asked about it Warsofsky remarked, “The thing I take about it is that it passes time and I get to help out and have a fun time.”

As for sports, Warsofsky both plays football and wrestles for NAHS. On the topic of football, Matt has a small and interesting story: “I started playing football when I was seven years old. It was unfortunate because I would always be the smallest and youngest kid, up until last year. All the sophomores became freshmen and I was still in eighth grade, so I was one of the oldest. I always believed football was fun, even though I was overwhelmed or defeated most of the time.”


Senior Abhishek Ram voiced his opinion, stating, “Matt is a very dedicated [football] player, and he’s one of the most hard-working students I’ve ever seen.”

When asked if Warsofsky had any plans for his future, he responded by saying he would like to attend college when that time comes, torn between Oregon State, Michigan State, and UMass Amherst, to further his football career.

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