Teacher Dress-Up Week

by Dan Adler

Walking down the hallways near the end of October you would have wondered to yourself: “Why are there so many teachers wearing similar attire?” Well, there is a simple explanation for that: teacher dress-up week, five themed days of attire picked by teachers for teachers.

The dress-up week was planned and implemented by Mrs. Rushlow, Mrs. Kelleher and Mr. Rizzo. It was designed to be a fun alternative to the usual professional attire. When asked why he wanted the dress-up week, Mr. Rizzo explained that he “wanted to boost the spirits of the staff and make the week a little better for everyone.”

In addition to the dress-up days, the teacher trio planned for different departments to bring in snacks and desserts daily, as well as orchestrating faculty-based trivia questions.

        The heart of the week, though, was the dress-up days. Monday started off with college attire, where teachers showed their spirit by representing their Alma Mater with shirts, sweatshirts, and even pinning their former college’s logo to their attire.

        Tuesday was teacher twin day. Judged by Mrs. Rushlow, Mrs. Kelleher and Mr. Rizzo, twin day was a day for all of the teachers in a subject or pod (group of near-by classrooms) to dress up the same. Awards were handed out for teachers with the best clothing coordination (see photo gallery).

The week continued on with Wacky Wednesday, which featured mismatched shoes from Mr. Rizzo, 20 different nail polish colors from Ms. Healey, crazy patterns from Mrs. Violette, and other wacky mismatched attire.

Halloween Thursday was a day of orange and black, as well as the time for teachers to sport their costumes in preview of Halloween night. Especially notable participants were Ms. Forsgard, who dressed as a witch and Ms. Healey (again), who dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein.

The week ended with a “dress down in pink” day in honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Although this week is over, Mrs. Kelleher, Mrs. Rushlow and Mr. Rizzo have already moved on to their next morale-boosting plan: a “Wall of Thanks” in the Teacher’s Room.

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