Report Cards Issued on November 16th

by Colin McKenzie

Students at NAHS received their first quarter report cards on Monday November 16th.

This report card is the first of four report cards that will be issued this year. This report card is important to students because it will show them their finalized first quarter grades.

These grades will appear of the student’s transcript and appear on their future documents regarding graduation. Student Mike Hargens said, “I’m very happy with my report card. I have the grades I want for my colleges, and I can apply now knowing that they will help me.”

These grades are a great motive to keep working hard throughout the school year. Student Matthew Reimels said, “I hope to continue earning high grades this year. My grades are all where they need to be and I can only work hard from here to keep earning them throughout the rest of the year.”

Reports cards don’t only show grades, they also show the students attendance throughout the school year, as well as providing a credit summary.

Student Bryan Harris said, “I’m only 10 credits off from the required amount, so this year I chose my classes at leisure knowing I didn’t have to take a lot of courses to get over the required amount of credits.”

As students begin the second quarter here at NAHS, they will continue to achieve their goals and work hard for their grades. The next report card will be issued on February 1, 2016.

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