NAHS Student Profile: Jaison Ragnaught

by William Libertine

North Attleboro High School junior Jaison Ragnaught is well established within the school and has made his mark among the class of 2017.

The 17-year-old Jaison prides himself on being involved with the school, its activities, and excelling at his academic work. Ragnaught is currently taking Physics, Art and Design 1, Trig/Pre-Calculus, Consumer Ed, US History II and Gothic Literature. Jaison maintains high honors, and runs the after-school club, Super Smash Bros. Senior and club member Joey Baltadonis weighed in his opinion on the club, stating, “It’s really a fun activity and Jaison is a good sport, and the club has doubled in size since its establishment last year.”

Regarding his classes, Ragnaught said, “My favorite class is Gothic Literature mostly because of the interesting books and short stories we read, as well as the general expressiveness of the class.”

Since Jaison does not have a job, he uses his free time to attend after-school activities, volunteering at soup kitchens, handing out clothes on the streets of Boston, and helping out at the Special Olympics. Ragnaught says, “ I like being able to do something for people who I would normally never be able to help, and I got into it because I feel that if we are able, we should help those in need.”

Whenever he’s not working on his academic assignments, Jaison can be found playing video games, working on music, recording and editing gameplay videos, and playing the guitar, continually striving to improve.

Ragnaught has not yet decided which college or university he plans to attend, but he does have higher education goals in mind. He’ll be pursuing a major in computer science for either game design or game development. He commented, “I’ve always been a fan of gaming and would like to learn more about the technology and process that goes into creating some of today’s AAA games.”


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