NAHS Traffic Issues

Traffic Every Morning At NAHS: Pros

By Colin McKenzie

Here at NAHS, every morning is a battle in order to get into the senior lot while parents and buses are also trying to drop students off as quickly as possible. Although the traffic system implemented last year has made improvements, there are still flaws in the system that lead to a cluster of cars with slow moving traffic.

The high school should establish a new traffic system that has different routes for buses, parents and students to take. This would get students to school on time, as well as buses and parents out quickly.

If the system were redesigned so that students had multiple ways of getting into the senior lot, parents could go on a drop off route and the buses could go behind the school and drop students off there. With this thought of redesigning the system, this could bring a much more efficient drop off and pick up program here at NAHS.

This new system could also prevent some of the accidents from happening. Multiple times students have crashed into each other due to the overwhelming amount of traffic.

Some students are forced to arrive at school early to avoid traffic. Student Liam Monahan said, “My sister leaves our house at 6:30 am. It’s ridiculous how early we leave in order to dodge the traffic. I’m still half asleep because I get up at 5:45 am.”

By designing a new traffic system, flow would be smoother and save Principal Juelis from directing traffic every morning. Student Prateet Shah said, “Without Mr. Juelis out there, I would be late. There is always a cluster of cars every morning and the parents have no mercy on cutting me off, even when the warning bell rings and I have to get to homeroom.”

Even though the traffic system was redesigned last year and has improved greatly since the redesign, there are still flaws in the new system. Creating yet another way to ease the traffic would help make it more efficient and help get everyone to their destination as quickly as possible.


Traffic System Should Stay the Same

by Dan Adler

Traffic at North Attleboro High School has been a known issue for years. While most people complain about it, they neglect to look at the bigger picture. Despite popular belief, the new traffic system has made many improvements, and it could be made even better without extreme changes.

One of the easiest ways to fix the traffic issue isn’t one that involves the school. It would be easier on everyone if people spread out their arrival time. Although this isn’t the most practical method, if more people staggered their arrival time there would be a constant, steady flow of traffic instead of a huge rush before school, which would help alleviate traffic issues.  

Another important note is the bussing schedule. Last fall, the busses were rerouted from dropping kids off by Door 2 (the band door) to dropping them off in the senior lot. As inconvenient as it was to the seniors at the time, this change did a good job speeding up the flow traffic by giving parents who are dropping off their students more room to drive around and more room to drop them off.

Finally, in the past when we didn’t have anyone guiding traffic there were long lines of traffic out of the high school and past the light at the intersection of Mt. Hope and Landry. Mr. Juelis and the other administrators have since stepped in to solve that issue. They stand outside every morning and direct both students and parents. This helps to get everybody in the lot and in school before the start of the day at 7:15.


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