North vs. Attleboro: Football Tradition

by Joey Cook

North Attleboro and Attleboro have a very special Thanksgiving day tradition when it comes to football: every year, the two football teams face off in an attempt to win the coveted trophy “Hilda”.

Although North is winning the holiday series with a record of 58-28-8, the upcoming Thanksgiving game on Thursday, November 26th, marks the 95th annual Thanksgiving Day football game between North Attleboro and Attleboro. This year, the game will be held at Community Field.

This game is the final high school game for the seniors of North and Attleboro. “It’s going to be an emotional one. I never imagined approaching my final high school football game of my life,” said Senior Tyler Morgan.

The teams always decorate their helmets before gametime. They vary from their favorite sports team’s logos, to family member and teammates initials, etc. After the game is played, ESPN Boston usually ranks the best decorated helmets. “My final football game in high school, I am going all out on my helmet to make this a tradition to remember,” said Senior Andrew Laplante.

North hopes to get the W two games in a row on Thanksgiving against Attleboro. Senior members of the Football Team claim that there is nothing more important than winning their final high school game against their biggest rival, and to keep Hilda where she belongs, at NAHS.


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