Pet of the Week: Linus Read

Linus plays in the leaves. (Photo by Ms. DiPersio)
Linus plays in the leaves. (Photo by Ms. DiPersio)

by Carolyn Wallace

Students and staff around NAHS love talking about their pets. From dogs and cats to chickens and fish, The First Launch has decided to feature some of our favorite pets around the school.

Six-year-old dog Linus Read, owned by NAHS senior Andrew Read, is a multitude of different breeds, but he’s primarily Corgi and Chow. Because Linus was adopted, Andrew explained, “We don’t know his exact age, but he’s definitely around six or seven.” There is one notable trait that separates Linus from other dogs of his kind: he has only three legs.

Missing his front right leg, Linus Read has had to overcome many obstacles to be able to complete daily tasks that come naturally to other dogs. Though the leg has been missing for most of his life due to an unknown reason, Linus has become well adapted to having three legs.

The Read Family adopted Linus from Tennessee. Andrew explained, “A woman who fosters dogs found him underneath her car, with a damaged front right paw. She coaxed him out from underneath his car and took him to the vet, where they amputated the leg and tried to find his owner. They couldn’t find a collar or anything, so the woman who found him fostered him until my family and I fell in love with him on a website called Pet Finder.”

Although Linus is an adventurous dog and loves to explore, the Reads installed an electric fence to keep him safe. Despite the restrictions of the fence, he still loves to play in the yard, especially in the snow. He also enjoys laying down and sunbathing on the deck.

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