Point Counterpoint: Should We Have a Rotating Schedule?


Pro Schedule Change

by David Brown

School seems to feel repetitive doing the same things just about everyday. You go to the same class at the same time everyday, you pass the same people at the same time everyday, and you eat the same lunch with the same people everyday. It makes the hours feel like days and the days feel like weeks and can drag the week on longer than it already is. A solution to the problem would be to rotate the schedules. Changing the schedule for school can not only make the day seem quicker, but it can allow you to see different people, and to eat lunch with different people.


  • Your day will seem quicker


With the schedule changing, the days will feel different and you don’t have to sit through the same classes at the same times. If you’re not a morning person like myself, you won’t have to feel sleepy in the same morning classes, and it’ll have an impact on your grades too. If the classes you usually have in the morning would occur in the afternoon when you’re more awake, it can enhance your overall grade. You’ll have more energy in different classes and with a variety in the schedule the day will go by quicker.

2.) Allow you to see different people

You’ll pass different people in the hallway at different periods rather than pass the same people at the same time. The schedule change would also allow you to go to your locker at different times and you would be able to see different people at their lockers to talk too. You’ll also have different people to walk to class with and talk to. This could create more friends for someone and have new people to associate with.

3.) Eat lunch with different people

Every day, students eat lunch at the same time based on their period five teacher’s lunch schedule. They most likely sit at the same table every day, next to the same people every day, and have very similar conversations because you usually run out of things to talk about. If the schedule rotated, you would have a different period five every day so that means everyone’s lunch schedule would get switched up. People would have new people to sit with, different places to sit, and different things to talk about. It would unify the school more by uniting students and talking to different people rather than the same students every day.

Con Schedule

by Patrick Silvia

Throughout North Attleboro High School you’ll hear students complaining about the daily schedule. A lot of students believe we should have a rotating schedule. Some students claim that a rotating schedule would make the day seem quicker and it would raise grades because some people don’t learn as well at 7 am as they do at 12 pm. These are valid points, but there are very good reasons to why we shouldn’t have a rotating schedule.


  • Daily Confusion with schedule change


Everyday your periods would be switched around, which would make each student have to stop and think, “Do I have Anatomy first or Calculus first?” This would lead to students not being prepared for class and/or having to go to their lockers to get their supplies which would waste 5 minutes of class time for the student.  You risk receiving a detention for being late to a class. If you go to the wrong class, you will be late a vast majority of the time to the class you were supposed to go to.

2.) Same schedule allows students to have routines

Knowing when you have each of your classes allows students to be able to plan ahead without having to think about what classes they have and when they have them. Knowing when your free periods are allows you to be able to plan when you can review for a test or prep for a presentation. Structure with schedule allows students to be able to plan their days out with a significantly less chance of making a mistake with the schedule.

  1. Lunch schedule would be a mess

The confusion created over what lunch students have and on what day they have it would lead to major problems. One problem would be students attending the wrong lunch. If a student attended the wrong lunch they’d miss half of  their 5th period class that day. They’d have to be punished, but you would most likely be punishing them for a honest mistake.

All of these points show why a rotating schedule would be a negative change, even though it sounds like a good change on the surface. People at NAHS are just sick and bored of the same old routines they have, when in reality, having the same old boring routines when it pertains to high school is a good thing, because it keeps things simple for the students and faculty.

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