Senior Spotlight: Jimmy Schromm

by Isabelle Renzi

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Photo by Chestnut Hill Studios.

Secretary of the Class of 2016 as well as a key member of the cross country and lacrosse team, senior Jimmy Schromm shines in all of his leadership positions.

This past June, Schromm attended Boys State, a program put on by the American Legion. It is a week long program at Stonehill College in Easton, MA, for 400 young men and 150 young women across Massachusetts to showcase and perfect their citizenship and leadership skills.  Schromm found learning new things about American government and civics very interesting, explaining, “Boys State was probably the most important week of my life.”

In addition to his positive experience at Boys State, Schromm added that one of his favorite high school memories was being able to attend the Model Senate field trip to Canton High School. It was a two-day field trip he attended in April of 2015 which entailed shadowing a senator and composing and presenting a mock bill.

As the recipient of both the Excellence in Military History and Ed Shockro Junior Award for Patriotism, Schromm’s love for America is extremely evident.

His aspirations exceed the halls of North Attleboro High School. Next year he plans to attend Norwich University, which is a military-focused college in Vermont, and participate in the ROTC program.

You may see Schromm’s name on the ballot for the 2024 Massachusetts state election. A future political science major, Schromm has set his sights on hopefully one day becoming a Massachusetts State Representative. 

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