Thanksgiving Rally: a Tradition to Keep?

Pro Thanksgiving Rally

By Dan Griswold

The annual Thanksgiving Rally at NAHS is coming up on Wednesday, November 25th. The main focus of the rally is the football team and their upcoming game against their long-time rival, Attleboro. This rally is a controversial topic among students at NAHS.

Many people feel the rally focuses on the football team too much and doesn’t recognize the other sports. While football is the main sport involved in the rally, other sports are also involved. For example, the captains of all fall sports and clubs such as theatre, band, and art participate in musical chairs. The reason that football is the main focus is because it is the only fall sport that plays on Thanksgiving. Also, the Thanksgiving Game is an event that a lot of the town attends so the rally is a great way to get people excited about the game.

Senior Nick Silva, said, “The Thanksgiving Rally is a fun school event. I don’t see why people have a problem with it. The rally gets people excited for the last football game of the year. Since so many people attend the football games it makes sense that the team would be the main focus of the rally.”

The rally is meant to be a way to bring the whole school together. It should be a fun event before everyone goes on Thanksgiving break.


Con Thanksgiving Rally

by Joey Cook

On Wednesday, November 25th, NAHS will hold its second rally which shines the spotlight on one of North’s biggest sports: football.

There is a lot of controversy about this rally throughout NAHS. While many football lovers love it, others believe that it isn’t fair because the spotlight shines only on football and no other sport.

“I understand that football is a very big sport in this school, but I feel like this rally shouldn’t be mandatory because it only focuses on football and some people could care less,” said Junior Andrew Harris.

During the rally, the cheerleaders have a performance for the school and then the football players enter the gymnasium. The captains of the team will say a speech about the season and then a slideshow will start. The slideshow consists of all the senior football players while the cheerleaders announce them with their positions.

“I’m sure the rally is something football players really look forward to, but people who don’t play football and play another sport may feel like this shouldn’t be dedicated just to football,” said Senior Aaron Cassidy.

Senior Nick Lockavitch also agrees with Aaron, saying, “to be honest, it is not something I enjoy because I already know everyone. What is the point of watching a slideshow of kids I am familiar with?”

North Attleboro football is the only team who has a game on Thanksgiving, so that may have an effect on why the rally is only focused on the football team. Many people say that because they already know everyone on the football team, they shouldn’t have to sit through a slideshow of all the seniors. However, despite your stance, the whole school will be at the rally to wish North luck in the 95th annual Thanksgiving Day Game.

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