Ask Fabio

Dear Fabio,

Recently my girlfriend has kind of dropped off a cliff in my life. She doesn’t answer my texts as fast, and we haven’t gone out on dates as much. Does she not like me anymore?

Dear Student,

The most important part of a relationship is being honest and communicating. Let her know you’re concerned about your relationship in a nice way and how you think you can fix it. You can’t control her true feelings if she is still into you or not, but there are positives on both sides. If she still likes you, that’s great! You should still be a supportive, caring boyfriend and surprise her with things every once in awhile. If she doesn’t feel that way, don’t try to chase her when she’s already gone. Try to go out and meet new people with the same interests as you. Don’t try to be vengeful against your old girlfriend but try to just be grateful for the moments you shared with her and move on peacefully.

Dear Fabio,

All year my teacher has yelled at me for not paying attention. I always try my best to be the best student I can be but sometimes I feel like I can’t sit still. What can I do?

Dear Student,

Sitting still in a classroom all day can be difficult. If you feel you are out of control hyper and need help, you should talk to your parents to see if you need further help. You should also let your teacher know you are doing everything you can to pay attention and that you are still struggling. They will more than likely be understanding of your situation and acknowledge your effort. Try to remain as calm as possible in class and stay focused on your work as long as possible and you should find improvements.

Dear Fabio,

I have no idea what to get anyone for Christmas. Any advice?

Dear Fabio,

Christmas shopping can be a tough time when thinking of what to get for loved ones. Parents can be tough people to shop for but you have to realize they’ll love any thought of a gift. A gift card to their favorite store, a warm blanket, hats and gloves, or kitchenware always make great gifts for parents and they will always be used. It never hurts to ask someone if there’s anything on their list that you could get for them. If you need help with a gift for anyone, check out QVC’s website, which has thousands of gift ideas based on gender, age, and price. People usually appreciate the thoughtfulness of gifts and will thank you no matter what, so putting in thought in getting the person multiple small gifts rather than one large gift can sometimes be better off. Gift getting shouldn’t be stressful for anyone and should be a fun time getting something for the ones you love.

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