New Teacher Profile: Ms. Louro

by Patrick Silvia

Ms. Louro is one of the newest staff members at NAHS. She is originally from Rehoboth and is the daughter of Mr. Louro, a math teacher at NAHS. She currently works as a career specialist assigned to our school through the Attleboro Area School to Career Partnership. When she’s not here in North Attleboro, she is in Seekonk working as a career specialist.

Some of her duties as a career specialist are to facilitate the School to Work program. She organizes the field trip to New England Tech and helps students who are academically on track,be able to work and earn credits for school.

“One thing I’m doing is setting up career spotlight days,” said Ms. Louro. “These would be days where a professional in a work field like a lawyer, would come in for a period and provide students with information and experiences in their field of work.” These Career spotlights will be one period long, and they are available to sign up for in the Guidance office.   

This is Ms. Louro’s first job since graduating college. She graduated from UMass Amherst with a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication Disorders. “My time at UMass was great. I constantly met new people because of how big the campus is,” said Louro. “At UMass, I had access to any resource I needed. It is such a great campus with so many opportunities.”

“The person who’s had the biggest influence on my life was one of my professors, Dr. Freyman. He taught one of my hearing sciences classes and was very supportive. He taught me that you don’t have to be a doctor to be smart,” said Louro. “He also supported me in my choice to change my career path. He told me that it takes a lot of courage to change your mind. It made me feel comfortable with my choice to have the support of someone I looked up to,” Louro said.

Ms. Louro also coaches the North track team, primarily the sprinters. She likes to go to trivia night with her friends. She also enjoys cross country skiing and painting. Her dream vacation is to go to Peru and hike Machu Picchu. Her dad’s friend is a very successful person in Peru and she would like to go stay with him and enjoy the culture of another country.

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