How To Avoid Being Bored in Winter

by Patrick Silvia

During the winter in North Attleboro, sometimes it feels like there is absolutely nothing to do. It starts to getting cold outside so you no longer want to go out. Snow covers the ground, so you can’t do normal outside activities anyway. Sledding and playing in the snow just isn’t the same anymore. You feel trapped, with no way out. You start to become bored and desperately want something to do but there are just little to no opportunities.

I’ve decided to present you with a few ideas of how to escape the boredom that falls over us all during the winter.1.) Get a gym membership

A great way to spend some time on the cold day is inside working out. Whether you go to the YMCA, Answer is Fitness , or Workout World, a gym membership is a great investment. You will improve your physical appearance and it will give you a fun and rewarding activity to do. You can run on the treadmill, lift weights, and some gyms even have pools and basketball courts as well.

Senior Bryan Harris spends some of his time at the gym during the winter. He explained, “I have a gym membership at the YMCA and it’s a way to kill time during the winter. It helps me train for baseball and it’s just fun to come to the gym and hangout with my friends. I’d recommend everyone who can get a membership at a gym to get one.”

2.)  Go to the movies

Another way to kill a few hours on a boring day is to go watch a movie at Patriot Place or right here in North Attleboro at the movie theatre down by the mall, or at Cinema Pub right near the center of North Attleboro. There are usually ten to twelve movies in a theatre at a time so you can see whatever type of movie you like. Whether it’s horror, comedy, action, adventure, or sci fi, it’s all there. You can go with you friends, family or even by yourself.

“I wish I could go to the movies more often, but when I do go I have a great time,” said junior David Colasanti. “I love movies because they make you forget about all of your problems and that’s hard to do at times. Going to the movies is a great way to cure boredom, unless you’re watching a boring movie.”

3.) Get a Job

One of the best ways to spend your winter is to make money. With more money, you can buy all the things you want, go eat wherever you want, and for the most part do whatever you want. Money is freedom in a lot of ways, and getting a job is a great way to become a more independent person. Having this job will keep you occupied for the duration of the winter and will make your wallet happy.

Junior Cam Hodgkins recently got a job, and explained that it’s been a great way to keep him occupied. He said, “I just recently got a job and it has changed my schedule completely. There’s no time to be bored. I always have something I need to do whether it’s being at work or doing school work. If I have freetime I wouldn’t be bored because of how little of it I get.”


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