Meet The Captains: Ashley Lamoureux, Swim

From left to right: Caroline Ulrich, Ashley Lamoureux, Randy Wentworth

by Colin McKenzie

As one of the girls’ swim captains this year, Ashley Lamoureux hopes for another season full of success. Ashley hopes that the girls swim team can regain their Hockomock League title and place higher than third at the Hockomock League meet.

As the season begins, she wants to have the team score important points at meets leading them to a winning season. Lamoureux said, “We have a good balance of new swimmers and experienced swimmers which is important for scoring points. Everyone is working hard at practice and I’m excited to see how we do this season.”

Ashley has been swimming for many years, and has been a member of the swim team since freshman year. Lamoureux said, “My favorite stroke is butterfly, which, ironically enough most people hate.” Ashley’s favorite race is the 100 butterfly and she has a personal record of 1:16.20 in this particular race.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys the show Psych, saying, “Sadly Psych has ended, but I loved watching it because each episode was both a mystery and a comedy. They kept making the show very entertaining.”

Academics play a big role in Ashley’s life, as well as reading and playing the clarinet. Ashley said, “I think it’s important to have a balance between athletics and other activities.” Lamoureux loves music and has been playing the clarinet for seven years.

This year, she is taking many challenging courses including AP Literature and AP French. Lamoureux said, “AP French is a ton of work. I’ve never taken a more challenging course.” Also, Ashley enjoys AP Literature “and how the class discussions are awesome even with only eight people in the class.”

Lamoreux has toured many colleges and is in the application process for a few schools. However, she has been accepted and committed to attend the Word of Life Bible Institute in New York next year. Lamoureux said, “I think that it is important for me to build foundation for my faith and my relationship with God before moving on to a career and the rest of my life.”

Ashley plans on transferring to another school after one year at Word of Life Bible Institute. Lamoureux said, “My number one school is Liberty College. They have an awesome education and history program.” She is planning to go to school for eight years and go straight for her master’s degree. Ashley wants to become a history teacher or museum curator in the future.

As senior year progresses and the swim season starts up, Ashley hopes to continue building a hardworking team of swimmers and work towards another winning season.

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