Pet of the Week : Ginger McKenzie

Ginger McKenzie (Submitted by Colin McKenzie)

by Carolyn Wallace

The First Launch’s weekly Pet of the Week this edition is Ginger McKenzie. Ginger, who belongs to NAHS senior Colin McKenzie, is a 2-year-old beagle.

Being the runt of her litter of 7, Ginger’s seemingly normal appearance is actually rare. “Purebred beagles usually have 3 colors, but Ginger only has lemon and white colored fur, which is pretty unique,” says Colin. The McKenzie family has owned Ginger since she was 3 weeks old, and she was only 3 pounds when they first got her.

Ginger has been an active dog since she was little. As the fall 2015 captain of the cross country team, Colin runs to stay active, and Ginger makes a good companion to run with. Ginger also loves hiking in the woods with her family.

“She’s got a very tenacious personality. She tries to communicate with us a lot, she’s really social, along with being very smart. Ginger knows how to open drawers and cabinets by herself,” says Colin. He also says that Ginger gets along with neighbor’s pets, because of her “social personality.”

Ginger is quite a nosy beagle. “She pretty much thinks she runs the house,” says McKenzie. Her personality, appearance, and liveliness help Ginger to be the perfect companion for the McKenzie family.

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