Student Council Adopts Five Families

by Dan Griswold

Administrators’ donation buckets (submitted by Kiersten Bixby)

This holiday season, the NAHS Student Council is held an impactful fundraiser, and raised almost $1400 for five local families who are in need. 

Instead of simply asking for donations, however, the three administrators agreed to participate in a competition in which the one who had the most money donated in his/her name would sing a karaoke solo at the Holiday Concert this Wednesday, December 23rd.

The overwhelming majority of the funds (over 50%) were donated in Mrs. Todd’s name, making her the winner of the competition.

Most of the donations came from different NAHS organizations, including the National Honor Society, Music Department, the Classes of 2016, 2017, and 2018, the Boys’ Basketball Team, and the Leo Club. Several faculty members gave generous donations as well.

Senior student council member Davin MacDonald commented on the fundraiser, saying, “We raised money for a great cause. It is very important to help people who are in need, especially around the holidays. We think the idea of having an administrator sing at the holiday concert is a great idea and motivated people to donate more money.”

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