Student Profile: Tom Vidal

by Meagan Pastore

Tom Vidal is a well –rounded, hardworking, and friendly student at North Attleboro High School.  He has been an active athlete at NAHS his freshman, sophomore and current junior year.

Vidal plays football for the Rocketeers as a defensive end and participates in sprints for North’s winter and spring track teams.  As well as playing, he also is a college football fan.  He explained, “I am a huge Michigan State fan and I always look forward to watching them play on Saturdays. Go Spartans!”

Not only does he play sports, Vidal also played percussions (drums) for the NAHS band both his freshman and sophomore years, while filling the role of secretary in the Class of 2017’s student office.

When it comes to plans for the future Tom explained, “My goal is to attend Providence College and major in Psychology.”  His girlfriend, senior Michaela DeMattio also plans on majoring in Psychology at Bridgewater State University in the fall of 2016.

Tom’s family life is quite interesting. His father spends every Sunday building an airplane.  Tom explained that “it takes up a lot of his time but it makes him happy so I’m glad he enjoys doing it.”  

Mr. Vidal has loved planes since he was a kid and has had his plane license for 30 years.  When it comes to what the plane will entail, it seat two passengers and “should be finished by the time I graduate college,” Tom stated.    


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