Things I Would Tell to my 8th Grade Self

by Carolyn Wallace

For seniors, the number of times they eat lunch outside, park in the senior lot, and be in the same classes with their childhood best friends is slowly dwindling. Throughout their 4 years of high school, students grow into young adults and leave behind the days of adolescence like in middle school. After completing nearly their entire high school career, some seniors look back and tell what advice they would give to their 8th grade self.

Dan Dennis- “Don’t be so stressed about the little things. Work hard for the sake of learning, not for the actual letter grade.”

Andrew Read: “In school, stay on top of all work, and don’t fall behind. Especially on homework. It’s much easier to get ahead than it is to catch up.”

Katie Irey: “Don’t be afraid to join anything and everything in high school!”

Shannon Kingsley- “Nothing is going to come easy in high school. Grades, soccer, and everything else requires a lot more work than things did in middle school. You’re going to have to work hard, be prepared.”

Stephen Kiely- “Trust me, high school is not as bad as you think it will be.”

Olivia Pettengill: “Don’t take all of the hardest classes available. Take the classes that are convenient and the best for you in the long run.”

Ashley Lamoreux- “Don’t worry, it gets better. Hopefully it will continue to get even better in college!”

Jhanavi Kapadia- “Enjoy all of the fun while you can!”

William Libertine- “Go out and do more things. Be a part of more activities, I guess. Get involved!”

Juan Curiel- “Do your homework, Juan! It’s important.”

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