Top 10 Most Wanted: 2015 Holiday Gifts

christmas-gifts-presents (1)
Christmas gifts

by Isabelle Renzi

After consulting many websites, I have formulated a list of the top 10 most desired gifts of the 2015 holiday season. Every gift on this list is available online at

1.)    Hoverboards: These electric hands-free scooters is one of the hottest items this holiday season. Many places around the country are creating new regulations on when and where you can ride these hoverboards, but the biggest restriction would be the price tag, which is at an average of $350 each.

2.)    iPhone 6s: This newest addition to the iPhone series is your tech-savvy’s number one gift.

3.)    Star Wars Toys: The new star wars movie, Star Wars Episode VII coming out December 18, is creating box office hype. People of all ages are falling back in love with the Star Wars trilogy.

4.)    Minions: Minions, the small, yellow cartoon creatures from Despicable Me, are very popular for children this holiday season. Minions are now being printed onto every product possible, especially toys, pajamas, and board games.

5.)    Adult Coloring Books: Living in today’s bustling and stressful world, many adults are now finding relaxation in their childhood roots, coloring books. Complex mandalas and simple paisley patterns adorn the new and improved coloring books that are flying off the shelves at The Paper Store and Hallmark.

6.)    Fitbit: An armband which tracks your activity, food, weight, and sleep is a fitness gift that helps you stay motivated. The fitbit is available in 6 different styles, for beginners all the way to experienced athletes. The GPS and calorie trackers are the most desired features in fitbit bands, as well as the newly introduced Tory Burch line.

7.)  Beats: Created in 2008 by the famous rapper, Dr. Dre, Beats create a high quality set of headphones. This holiday season, a $60 Apple iTunes gift card is given with every purchase of Beats.

8.)  Drones: In an era where everyone wants everything right away, drones have become exponentially more popular. says that first time drone owners should start small and simple, and reccomends that their flight times should start at no more than 10 minutes.

9.)  Personalized Gifts: In a time where many people seem to have every gift under the sun, a homemade, personalized gift is very meaningful and will be cherished.

10.)  Polaroid Instant Camera: Polaroid Instant Cameras are back in style. At approximately $150, this is a very popular gift for teenagers this holiday season. They print a business card-sized photo about 3 minutes to fully develop.


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