What Would You Save?

housefire pollby David Brown

Working for the NA First Launch, I decided to go throughout the school to take a poll among the students. The poll question was, “If your house were to catch on fire, what would be the first thing you’d take out of the house?” We received mixed results with lots of variety. Some students had intriguing explanations to their choices.

Freshman Mark Thomas said, “My dog is my favorite thing on earth. If my house caught on fire I wouldn’t hesitate to take her first before anything.”

Sophomore Rachel Labonte said, “My puppy is too precious to me and I can’t imagine anything bad happening to him so I would save him in a heartbeat.”

Junior Sam Riddell said, “I’d probably take my laptop first because it’d probably be on my lap when the fire happened. I’m always on my laptop when I get home.”

Senior Brian Poillucci said, “I’d want to take money because if my house caught on fire I’d need some financial help getting my house back so I’d obviously need money.”

Senior Ethan Hebard said, “I’m always on my XBox so it’d make the most sense to me to save that first since that’s my favorite thing.”

Freshman Anthony Carrion said, “My kitty is too cute there’s no way I wouldn’t take her before anything.”

Junior Emily Gasbarro said, “ I’d want to take my clothes because my wardrobe took me years to get to where it’s at now. I like all my nice clothes too much I’d shove them in a suitcase and run out.”

Senior Syd Santerre would bring her phone out of her house first in a fire.

Senior Kevin Goulding would bring his XBox out first.

Senior Jack Coakley said, “I’d want to take my money with me because that’s how I’d get everything else back.”

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