Interesting Hobbies in North Attleboro

by Leo Charlebois

Many people around the world have unique and fascinating hobbies that have flown under the radar for far too long, especially students at NAHS. These students’ hobbies are truly ones that will shock and amaze people for a long time to come.

Chris Mullaney: Geography Trivia

Senior Chris Mullaney’s hobby is truly unique. Every weekend, he competes with his family in hardcore geography trivia. Mullaney claims that these games are intense and competitive. Chris’s father Bob Mullaney is the principal of Millis High School, but he believes his greatest achievement is being the defending champion of the Mullaney family geography belt. Even when he is completely dominated by his father, Chris still finds joy in participation: “Nothing beats the rush of answering your third straight, most popular exported item question, as you surpass your sister’s character on the handcrafted board game you’ve competed on since you could walk.”

Liz Harvey: Rapping

Liz Harvey is a promising vocalist who is working on a career in music. Liz started off rapping with her friends while driving around the North Attleboro area on weekends. However, Liz has now recognized her superior talent and invested in a microphone. She hopes to perform locally at the town gazebo with some of her most polished songs like, “Fergalicious,” “My Humps” and of course “If I Were A Boy.” Liz had this to say when asked about her pursuit of a musical career: “I be up in the gym just working on my fitness, he’s my witness.” Liz is second to none, and it is evident why she chose to pursue this path.

David Clark: Writing Romance Novels

Another person with a surprising hobby is David Clark. Dave enjoys writing romance novels in his free time, and has been writing these magnificent novels for about four years now. His series of novels is called “A Scent Of Lust”, and when asked about his romance novels, he passionately stated, “Since I was a wee boy I knew I had a passion to explore the complexities of love that I felt in my heart.”

Emily Fernandez: Dancer

Emily has had a passion for dance since she was a child. She and her sister would but on the TV show “Drake and Josh” and frantically dance along to the theme song. Ever since then, Emily has devoted time from her busy schedule to dance. She balances running multiple seasons of track along with AP level classes and still has time to dance her heart out.

When asked about her passion for dancing, Emily said, “I harness my emotions through my complex moves that I displayed at prom with my date, Randy Wentworth.”

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