Pet of the week: David Swimmer

Photo submitted by Alyssa Cohen

by: Julia Coelho

North Attleboro High School’s First Launch welcomes David Swimmer as our Pet of the Week. This purple and blue male betta fish is proudly owned by senior Alyssa Cohen.

David Swimmer has been a member of the Cohen family since late February. Cohen claims she made an “impulse purchase,” but it was “the greatest impulse purchase she ever made.”

Also accompanied by fellow seniors Kyra Siano and Mia Mercurio, Siano described her experience the night Cohen got David.

“I recall being in the PetSmart of South Attleboro. It was very late at night and we were the last people in the store. There were a lot of fish, but once we laid eyes on David we knew he was the perfect fit to join Alyssa’s loving family,” Siano stated.

When buying a fish, it is essential to provide them with a comfortable environment. The same night, Cohen purchased a tank with other various decor at PetSmart. Along with the tank, Cohen purchased a fake tree, a telephone booth, and glass stones to make the environment “more comfortable” for him (pictured above).

“David Swimmer is what makes home feel like home to me. His presence alone brightens up the room. A lot of people think that pet fish are irrelevant pets. But David has played an instrumental role in my life.”

Cohen was considering getting another betta fish to keep David company.  However, after some research, she realized that David was better off alone. “If I put another male in the tank with David, they would fight to the death, which I would never wish upon my beloved fish,” she said.

The origin behind David Swimmer’s name dates back to Cohen’s Friends obsession. One of the main characters, Ross Geller, is played by actor David Schwimmer.

“I’m a sucker for puns, and I felt it was only appropriate to incorporate my favorite TV show into my favorite pet’s name.”

Cohen often likes to think of “punny” names for her future pets, specializing in chickens. Henifer Aniston, Chewbawka, and Hen Solo are just a few of the many poultry puns that Cohen is looking forward to using.

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