Nobody Can Win: How Society Contradicts Itself

By Meghan Hudson

In modern society, everyone has different morals and values.  Everyone also has an opinion about everything. Whether this opinion is wanted or not, it’s still an opinion. Society itself doesn’t seem to know what it really wants.  

There are too many contradictions in society. One example is when a woman wears “too much makeup.” People want them to look natural, but when a woman wears no makeup they are told to “try more.”

First off, stop telling that person what to do. Everyone can do whatever they want to–it’s their life, not yours. Unless what they are doing is harmful to themselves or others, just leave them alone. It’s not that hard. Society really needs to remember the phrase they’ve ingrained into our brains but rarely follow: “if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.”

There are also a lot of expectations that people are supposed to fulfill.  If a man is sensitive and cries a lot they are told to “man up and stop showing emotion” but also if they do “man up” they are told to be more sensitive.  For women, if a woman is strong and independent, then they are told they are ”denouncing their femininity” and are “too aggressive.” But, if a woman is timid, very feminine, and relies on a man, then she is told she should be more independent and speak her mind more.

There is no winning in society today.  Everyone is judging you for something.  From relationships, to how you dress, to what you like, you are being judged.  Society needs to get out of that mindset, and to let people do what they like and be who they are. Stop setting these standards and then contradicting them. If we can achieve that then maybe, just maybe the world might be a better place.  



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