Getting to Know Mrs. Montagna

by Kaliegh Wells

One of North Attleboro’s newest staff members Mrs. Montagna was raised right here in North Attleboro. She attended Dean College and earned a degree in performing arts. After that, Mrs. Montagna went to Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona where she earned her teaching degree.

Before working at NAHS, Mrs. Montagna taught at Attleboro High School for one year and has been a professional dance teacher since she was fourteen years old. She currently teaches Earth and Environmental Science, level one and two.

When asked how she likes working at NAHS, Mrs. Montagna replied, “I love it, I absolutely love it.” She also enjoys English but said she is most passionate about science, especially things relating to the earth. She said what inspired her to teach was her background as a dance teacher and seeing how she connected with students and making a difference in their lives.

In middle school, Mrs. Montagna had one role model who inspired her to pursue her career in teaching: Mr. Hoyle. “He had a good sense of himself and I knew I wanted to be like that and find who I was and to use that to help other people,” said Mrs. Montagna.

Outside of the classroom she loves to garden, spend time with her seven month old son Maddox and she enjoys singing in a band.

Through her early career of teaching, she has learned that every student is an individual and that no two students are the same, so you can’t teach them as all one.

One thing that Mrs. Montagna hopes is that students will take something away from her class and realize that learning extends outside the classroom and what you learned is just not what you know.

Students are excited to have Mrs. Montagna for this year. Senior Meghan Hudson, who has her this year for Earth Science said, “She is the coolest teacher and very chill, and she’s a really good teacher. I’m actually learning the material.”  

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