Opinion: Elect Trump

by Andrew Blanchette

Two months from now, the 45th president of the United States will be elected. Two months after the election, he or she will be sworn into office. This is the first time a woman will have a chance to be elected. Hillary Clinton had a fairly easy path through the primary elections, defeating Bernie Sanders, and receiving the Democratic nomination. On the Republican side, Donald J. Trump defeated candidates such as Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush. Clinton and Trump, along with the independent party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, will all be represented on the ballots in November.

It is very likely that Trump or Clinton will win, because it is unprecedented for an independent to come even close to the major party candidates. However, America is skeptical of both the Democratic and Republican candidates. Hillary Clinton has a shady past, starting with when her husband Bill Clinton was the president from 1992-2000. Mr. Clinton was involved in a scandal with former white house intern Monica Lewinsky, and then committed perjury when questioned about it under oath. This led to a highly-publicized impeachment trial. President Clinton was also involved in a number of other scandals, including the Whitewater scandal involving his real estate investments.

Image from gawker.com

When it comes to Hillary, she has a shady past herself. The FBI launched an investigation into the curious disappearance of over 20,000 emails disappearing overnight. There is speculation that these emails contained classified information that may have been exposed and information on Clinton’s role in the Benghazi scandal. In July, the FBI chose not to charge Clinton with these speculations. No matter what party you support, you have to admit Clinton is a suspicious candidate.

Furthermore, the Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump, has had undeniable success as a businessman, but many questions have arisen regarding his prejudices and inexperience. In a democratic state such as Massachusetts, the name Donald Trump is frequently associated with racism. We live in a day where anything that anyone ever says can instantly be put on social media and broadcasted to the world.

Sure, Trump has made some questionable comments about certain races and groups of people, but it seems like people get a little too offended nowadays.

Voters also fear Trump is too much of a “hothead” to be trusted with foreign relations. However, those people seem to forget that the president has plenty of advisors to make sure he isn’t doing anything that he is not supposed to. Experience is nice to have, but
when the experience as shady as Clinton’s, is she that really a better candidate than Trump? Donald has plenty of experience as a prominent figure and has made billions in his time as a business man. That seems like an important ability to have as president of the US, as the national debt continues to rise. There are certainly justified concerns about Trump as president, but can any American really feel more confident about Hillary?

When asked about the presidential election, fellow republican Rob Congdon said, ‘’I do not support Hillary’s policies, and I am really hoping Trump can come out on top.’’

Congdon’s opinion is not very popular in a democrat dominated region. Congdon and myself have been loyal to Trump since day one. We believe in the policies suggested by Trump, such as stricter border and immigration laws, better trade policies, and a strategy to defeat terrorism.

November will be very interesting to say the least. I am extremely nervous about what is to come of our great country if Hillary Clinton is our president. However, I will keep hope until the end, and hopefully we will be able to Make America Great Again!


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