Pointlessly Gendered Products Condone Sexism

Sexism is everywhere. Most of society doesn’t notice it because they have been trained to believe it is the normal thing. One thing that they definitely do not notice is the pointlessly gendered objects that reside in most stores.

Gender stereotypes have been around since the beginning. The idea is this: women like delicate, pink things and men like dark, rough things; men are strong and women depend on men. These ideas are present in most everyday things. Girls are told to be princesses while boys are meant to be kings. Women are always lower than men. Enough is enough.

Objects that are pointlessly gendered only strengthen gender stereotypes. There are a multitude of gendered products that don’t necessarily need to be gendered like razors, tissues, tool sets, vitamins, even yogurt. Every one of these gendered products are stereotypical. The products used by women are pink and usually have fancy fonts or different wording like “fragranced” rather than ”scented” deodorant. Men’s products are usually red, black or blue and have harder, sharper lettering. They also make sure to remind us that these men’s products are “manly.” Will buying men’s earplugs really make you more of a man?

Many people don’t care that there are gendered products. Most believe they need to buy their specified gendered products. If they don’t they will be seen as odd and different and that’s not allowed. The fact is that most specifically gendered products are the exact same thing just one looks different and maybe smells different. The real difference is price. Most women’s products cost more than men’s. The women’s products should cost the same. Why wouldn’t they? Women don’t make as much money as men and they purchase more of these products, there is absolutely no need for these items to be more expensive. This is just hidden sexism at its finest and most women don’t even realize what is going on.

The reason products might be gendered could be because men will not use products that women use. Men are told that they need to be as manly as possible or else they will be feminine and that is a horrible thing to be apparently. Society tells men that if they like flowers, pink, or princesses that they are not real men. Society uses the word “feminine” in a negative connotation when describing a man. Why is that so? Why are men supposed to be everything women aren’t? I personally believe that gendered products strengthen this belief that men are completely and utterly different than women.

By making gendered products for children, they are raised to believe in gender stereotypes. Most young girls believe they can only be nurses they can’t be doctors. They can only play with dolls and not trucks. Boys are told their figurines are action figures rather than dolls, because dolls are for girls and action figures are for boys.

The solution is simple, but severely complex. We as a society need to stop stereotyping genders. Society needs to understand that what parts someone has does not determine what they like. I blame the corporations that sell these gendered products because they know how to play society well. It needs to end but it will take a while before any significant change happens.



(Pictures by http://www.thesocietypages.org and http://www.goodmenproject.com)

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