TV Show Reviews

by Jack Dakin


This week I will be reviewing two very popular shows: Homeland and Prison Break. I first will give a description of the show and then give my rating out of ten. I will then explain why I gave that rating and additionally explain what could be better.

Homeland (2011-present)

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A bipolar CIA officer Carrie Mathison played by Claire Danes struggles to convince the rest of the Department of Homeland Security that a newly returned prisoner of war Nicholas Brody, has been turned by al-Qaeda to carry out a terrorist attack in America.

My Rating9.3/10

My Review

Homeland is one of the best shows that Showtime has to offer because of its constant state of suspense. Just when you think you know what is going to happen next, the writers make a twist leaving you in shock.  

In the very beginning of the show, Carrie receives information from one of her sources right before he dies that a returning American hero has been turned to carry out a terrorist attack in America. A few months later, Nicholas Brody returns to America after being a prisoner of war for more than eight years. Carrie tells Sal (her boss) about her source and the information she received. He is very skeptical of her, but she still sets up surveillance.

After weeks of nothing, everybody begins to doubt her and her information, which only makes her more convinced that she is right. While she was surveilling Brody, she stops taking her medication and tailspins out of control because of her bipolar disorder.

While watching this, I feel empathetic for Carrie because I believe that Brody has been turned into the terrorist she has made him out to be, but I am also empathetic for Brody and the terrorists who turned him. That is the true beauty of this show: it muddles the lines between good and bad by revealing layers of complexity.

Prison Break (2005-2009)

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An architect named Michael Schofield purposefully fails to rob a bank in order to go to prison and break his brother Lincoln, out of jail. His brother is on death row for the murder of the Vice President’s brother, which he didn’t commit. Michael tattoos his whole body and has spent months planning the breakout and by the end of the first season he breaks his brother and other inmates out of the prison.

My Rating- 6.4/10

My Review

The plot and story of this show are both a bit too unrealistic for my taste, but it is still very entertaining and I was hooked within the first two episodes. That being said, the acting in this show is terrible. Everybody tries to overreact and for me it comes off as insincere and fake. I love when the actors in a show act like real people and try their hardest to hide their emotions not state exactly how they’re feeling.

If this show ended after the first season my rating would probably be a 8/10, but seasons 2-5 are awful. When the first season ends and they all escape from jail I anticipated a very interesting story of how they would make it on the outside. Instead, Michael and his brother tried to get back at “The Company,” which was a secret government organization that had framed Lincoln for the murder. This is where I really started to lose interest in the show, but I kept watching hoping that it would get better. Unfortunately, that never happened. As the seasons went on, the actors got worse and worse, and the story made less and less sense. I’m disappointed in the direction the show has gone and that’s why I only give it a 6.4/10.

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