Buddy Up! with Student Council  

by Rylie Guthrie

Sixteen-year-old Natalie Hampton, a junior from Sherman Oaks, California has created an app called “Sit With Us” which was first launched on September 9th. This app enables students to appoint themselves as ambassadors, or student leaders, who can invite their peers to sit with them at lunch. This gives students who sit alone at lunch an opportunity to get to know people and to make new friends.

North Attleboro High School’s Student Council is collaborating to create a similar program to “Sit With Us” at NAHS.

This program, called Buddy Up!, aims to ease the sometimes difficult transition of entering a new school district. New students who want to join the program will be introduced to an NAHS Student Council member who will reach out to them weekly to make sure things are going OK. Each of the current 15 Student Council members has been paired up with at least one new student.

In a meeting on Friday, September 23rd during break, new students were told by Advisors Mrs. Kelleher and Mrs. Violette that they should view their buddy as a resource to ask questions and to get information about all things NAHS. Student Council members were encouraged to invite their buddies to sit with them during lunch, and to check in with their buddy at least once a week to make they are adjusting well.

Senior Student Council member Owen Costello shared,  “This [new program] allows us to interact with different people who maybe I wouldn’t normally find myself talking to. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends.”

The Student Council plans on keeping this program in place for the long term. Student Council members will start giving new students a tour of the school, which will provide an authentic introduction between the new student and his/her Student Council buddy.


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