Humans of North Attleboro: Dr. Cavedon

Photo submitted by Dr. Cavedon

Dr. Cavedon is an anatomy teacher at North Attleboro High School. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Rhode Island and her Doctorate’s degree from University of Massachusetts Amherst. Dr. Cav has been teaching for 19 years.

“I can’t help but feel skeptical of an elderly man on roller blades that I often find lurking in the bike path parking lot. It all began on a beautiful sunny day in early June. I had decided the weather was perfect for a run, so I drove to the Blackstone Valley bike path and parked in my typical spot along the border of Cumberland and Lincoln Rhode Island. As I was leaving my car, I noticed several pieces of shattered glass on the ground below. Just to take precaution, I hid my wallet under the seat and locked the car doors before beginning my workout.

“However, once I returned from a glorious 40 minute jog, I was disturbed by what I discovered. The driver’s side window of my car had been shattered and there was glass everywhere. My initial concern was that my wallet had been stolen but I was relieved to find it under the seat where I had left it.

“Sweaty and exhausted, I knew the next step was to take this crime to the police. I presented the infraction to the officers at the Cumberland Police Station, including my suspicion that my car had not been the first break in of the day for there had already been glass in the parking spot upon my arrival. Much to my dismay, the officers explained that since my car had technically been parked in Lincoln, my case was not their responsibility.

“Now sweaty, exhausted, and annoyed, I explained my predicament over again, this time to the Lincoln Police Department who, fortunately, were professional and understanding. Initially, I told the officers that nothing had been stolen for I had not yet discovered that my favorite purse, containing a spare car key and my son’s social security card, was missing. They analyzed the damage to my car and informed me that the criminal had broken the window with a screwdriver and a report would be filed. 

“Although the offender was never found, I have a personal suspicion. There is an older gentleman I frequently notice rollerblading almost exclusively around the scene of the incident that always causes me to raise an eyebrow. Nevertheless, despite my aggregation, this situation has opened my eyes to how lucky I am to live in such a safe society. In other parts of the world and country, citizens have to deal with similar crimes on a daily basis while in all my years, this was my first experience with a break in. I’m fortunate to live in such a secure community.”

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