Massachusetts Faces Drought

by Matt Reimels

For the past three months, Massachusetts has been experiencing one of the worst droughts in the century. If you live in eastern Massachusetts, you know that rainfall has hit an all time low for this year.

The North Attleboro area has been hit hard by the lack of rainfall and some people are trying their best to conserve water.

The drought started early this summer in July, and we have had very little precipitation since. Over the past three months, the majority of Massachusetts have been in the “severe drought” category of the United States Drought Monitor. Last week, over 50% of Massachusetts, including the North Attleboro area, have dropped down into the “extreme drought” category.

Despite what seems like an obvious lack of rainfall, some students at NAHS have failed to notice the unusual dryness. Liam Monahan, a sophomore at North Attleboro High School, said, ”I have not been affected by the drought. Honestly I didn’t even know there was one going on.”

In June and July, the total amount of rain that was received was a meager 3.48 inches, about 4 inches less than what is normally recorded. Compared to recent years, the North Attleboro area is seven inches below average in total. Conditions have only worsened since July and will likely continue to worsen.

Even in western Massachusetts, rainfall has been severely lacking. Colin McKenzie, a freshman at Springfield College, claimed that “it hasn’t rained in Springfield since I’ve been here and it has been 3 weeks.”

Towns such as Attleboro have taken precautionary measures to conserving what little water they have. The use of lawn sprinklers was banned in Attleboro until the drought is lifted. Many areas have resorted to using reserved reservoirs for their water supply. Car washing is even limited in some towns such as Foxboro.

Terry Buckley, a local resident in North Attleboro, said, “my yard has never looked worse; it looks like a burnt toupee.”

So far, none of Massachusetts has been classified to be in the “emergency drought” category of the United States Drought Monitor. And, with recent rainfall, it would appear that things are looking up for Massachusetts.

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