NAHS’s Newest Club: SYNC

By: Olivia Capriotti

With the new school year in full swing, a new club called SYNC (Socializing Your North Community) has been created for students to join. The club is run by teachers Ms. Hurley and Mrs. Kalalas, and they are looking for peer leaders who can stay after school and volunteer to help students in the Learning Center, Community Connections, and Bridges programs.

Members of the club will  have the opportunity to work with students from these three groups in organized events. Students will participate in a variety of activities including cooking, games, fitness, art, and community outings. Events will be decided by the students based on their personal preferences and will be held both inside and outside of the school. Some out-of-school activities will include a pizza night at Bertucci’s, bowling, and a holiday shopping trip for charity.

On the first Wednesday of each month, the club will meet after school for two hours. Flyers will be handed out to students and their peer leaders detailing the monthly events.

When asked about the flyers, Mrs. Kalalas mentioned that “they will be a basic sheet of paper that outlines the next event, place, and time.”

SYNC will provide students with disabilities a chance to participate in social events with their peers.

“Ms. Hurley and I feel very passionately about providing students with disabilities social opportunities with their peers and for the students in Bridges, Learning Center, and Community Connections to be apart of the school culture at NAHS,” Mrs. Kalalas explained.

Mrs. Kalalas also mentioned that “people who join the club will walk away with experience in leadership and having worked with disabled students.”

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