Senior Perks


By Rylie Guthrie

As we’re all aware, the class of 2017 will be rapidly approaching the end of their high school career in just nine months. Whether seniors go off to a four-year college, go to a two-year college or do not go to college at all, the class of 2017 still has the remaining months to make it worth their while and finish together. These long-awaited senior advantages allow the senior class to feel older, more responsible and to be able to make the school year their most memorable one.img_5914-1

Seniors appreciate the simple pleasures of being able to enjoy their lunch outside during early fall and spring. Barsomo Nuay, North Attleboro High School senior says, “It’s awesome! We get to take a break from school work and enjoy the nice weather.”

North Attleboro High School has two different parking lots. Juniors park in what is called the “Junior Lot” located down by the middle school, which is said to be an unpleasant walk during the cold winter months when there is snow on the stairs or it is below twenty degrees, and inconvenient for students who are running late. Seniors have the privilege to having a parking lot located right outside of NAHS. This gives seniors a quick walk to and from their cars on snowy or on rainy days.

Every senior has the opportunity to be exempt from their final if they reach a 90 average or above by the end of the year. If a senior is exempt from their final, they do not have to show up for the period of that final. This is great for the many seniors who have Senioritis by the end of the year.  Unfortunately, while every senior has the advantage to be exempt from a final, seniors are not allowed to be exempt from any midterm exam. Everyone is required to take all midterm exams.

“I think it’s fair because you have two more quarters to work hard and get your grades up for college and your fast-approaching future,” says senior Nick Dean.

The big advantage that every senior loves is the senior hallway. Seniors have their own hallway on the bottom floor all to themselves, which serves as the epicenter of school spirit during Spirit Weeks and rally days.

The morning of the Thanksgiving Rally everyone is decked out in black and red colors, from head to toe, while the senior hallway possesses its own personal flare of school spirit and pep! Courtney Gagner NAHS says, “Coming here from a different school, the amount of spirit that I found at North Attleboro High School was overwhelming and unlike anything I’d seen before.”

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