Homecoming Spirit Week

By: Olivia Capriotti

From the week of Monday, October 24th to Friday, October 28th, homecoming and spirit week for North Attleboro High School will take place, with each day featuring a different event. Many of these activities will involve competition between the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes. This will be used to promote school pride and enthusiasm throughout the entirety of the student body. Spirit week will eventually lead up to the homecoming dance, which will take place on Saturday, October 29th. The dance is being held in the NAHS gymnasium from 6:30-10:00 pm.

The winners of each competition as well as the class with the highest amount of points will be awarded that Saturday.

The Penny War is the first event of the week, starting on Monday, along with it being Pink Day for Spirit Week. Each class will be challenged to collect the most pennies. Representatives from each class run the collections at all three lunches as well as the Homecoming game on that Friday. As a bonus, the money collected will be distributed among the classes based on what place they get in the competition.

On Tuesday, October 25th, along with wearing neon colors, the Trivia Bowl will be held from 7-8:30 pm in the NAHS Judith E. Cobb Theater. Students who are interested in joining must register and pay a fee of $10 the week prior to the competition, and create a team with a maximum of four players. Registration opens on October 10th. Whichever team that wins the Trivia Bowl will add “points” to their class.

Black Out Day is Wednesday, October 26th. The annual dodgeball game is set for 7 PM. There may be a slight schedule change if needed.

Thursday, October 27th will be America Day, so don’t forget to break out the face paint! Later in the day, a decoration night is being held at 7-8 PM, where students can come in to “bedazzle” and add unique decorative touches to their locker hallways and sections of the cafeteria.

On Friday, the school has an annual homecoming pep rally, where students wear their class color and each class competes against each other to see who can be the loudest. The freshman class will wear yellow, sophomore class green, junior class blue, and senior class will wear red and black.

Friday night features the homecoming football game at 7 PM as usual, and the dance will be held the next evening. At the dance, the homecoming court will be announced, as well as the winner of spirit week.

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