Ask Harambe Volume 2


I was cut from my sports team, and I’m still pretty upset about it.  As a freshman, what would your advice be for someone like me?

 —Frustrated and Upset

The first thing you should do is not to lose your confidence.  If you give up on yourself, it will be easier to not try as hard, and you’ll lose motivation for whatever you’re working at.  It is ultimately your decision whether you want to try out again or not.  I’d say since you are a freshman, it would be a smart idea to try out again- only if you are not committed to anything else by now.  If you train hard and put your mind to it, you should feel ready in about a year to try out again.  If this option is not for you, you could find a non-cut sport or club to join.  Stay motivated, and stay happy!


I have an irrational fear of clowns. With the recent “clown sightings,” I am feeling very nervous to go outside and around my school/town. Can you help me feel more secure during these Halloween months?

–Spooked Citizen

Ah, the clowns.  A common fear throughout.  This is becoming a very serious issue, as seen through various forms of social media.  I’m going to state the obvious. First of all- don’t go walking alone in the woods at night. I would try not to stray away from your friends, and refrain from being outside if at all possible. In a small town like North Attleboro, any clowns that are around most likely won’t be anything to worry about, and probably won’t have weapons, but it’s never safe to assume.  Many college campuses have been on lockdown recently, which means it is not out of the picture for your school to go on lockdown sometime in the future.  Make sure to stay calm, and be in contact with friends and family for a feeling of security and safety in case of a clown emergency.  


I’m having trouble getting through a certain class.  Every first period I have math and it’s becoming unbearable.  I don’t understand the material, and taking the class so early in the morning is such a drag. Any advice?

–Struggling in math

We’ve all been through something like this, young mathematician.  First period is always the worst, no matter the subject, so having a nutritious breakfast is always a good option.   This will help you stay awake, and able to pay attention in class which *should* help you better understand the class.  If you are really struggling with learning the material in time for a test, I’d recommend asking a friend for help, seeing the teacher for help, or setting up time with a tutor for some extra assistance.  Always remember that even though it seems awful and never ending, just remember it’s only about 50 minutes of your life each day, only about 1/24th of your day.  My best wishes to you and your math grade!


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